Agile 360 review for Scrum teams

Example from a Certified Scrum Trainer:

I have had people experiment with a different sort of 360 review. They have had good results getting agile behavior from teams doing it this way.

Give everyone a sheet of paper with all of their team members names on the paper. Next to each name write a number from 0-100 corresponding to the percentage of your personal growth you can attribute to being helped by each team members.

So for example, a paper for John might look like the following:

Jim – 20%
Tom – 15%
Amy – 10%
Carol – 50%
Bill – 5%

If everyone had Carol as a big reason for their personal growth, then you know Carol is the most willing to help others grow and therefore invests herself in the team the most. At least that is the theory. This encourages teamwork as a way to get more money, which seems more in line with measure performance in other ways. People can argue with the fact that it is numeric, etc. I just know that I’ve seen it change behavior patterns quite quickly and the people on the teams understand what they are expected to do.